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Transfer of development rights information

Collier Soil and Water Conservation District has been advised by the Comprehensive Planning Department, Collier County that it may enter into negotiations with landowners interested in obtaining Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) credits 3 and 4.

Staff requires a detailed listed species management plan and the specific actions that will be taken to perform the management activities described as a Restoration and Management Plan (RMP) in Section 2.03.07.D.4.c.11(a)(1) of the Land Development Code.


Collier Soil and Water Conservation District can prepare a comprehensive vegetative evaluation, Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method assessment, and a Florida Land Use Cover and Forms Classification System evaluation as a baseline for monitoring activities. Once these steps are completed, a detailed plan can be tied to a specific property that is requesting to receive the conveyance and, more specifically, tailor the RMP to the property proposed to convey for approval by the county.

We also stand ready to execute approved RMPs.


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